BikeWo has designed several charging stations with 13-amp sockets in mode 2 format. Each unit has a single or double charging point. It has fault correction protection and in-built overload. The fabrications are the same in all locations. Each EV charging point comes with easy installation and fixed mounts.

The other scalable features and benefits are:

  • Ideal for charging e-bikes, cycles and scooters
  • 1-2 charging points available so there is no waiting for two customers
  • Fabrications are UV resistant and corrosion free
  • Flame retardant
  • Are branded for easy visibility
  • Necessary hardware for all charging stations
  • Independent contractors to build EV charging business

Once the E-bike is fully charged, you can spin off in any direction.

We are partnered with CharzNet for providing the infrastructure and swapping stations for EV users. It will help you connect to the nearest bike service centre quickly. Even though EV technology is here we ensure that repairs, replacements and recharging are done at designated places.

EV Charging solution provider CharzNeT and EV two-wheeler solution firm BikeWo have joined hands to set up a network of 50,000 electric vehicle charging stations and battery swapping points for electric two-, three-, and four-wheelers across India by 2023. For this, CharzNeT will invest Rs 70 crore.